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Paula has developed an extensive teaching experience since 2010. Paula began the teaching process in 2010, giving private lessons and teaching in different music academies in Bogota (Colombia), until 2015, when she went to Switzerland.

Between 2015 and 2016 she integrated the teaching team of the Projekt taZ, as piano teacher for taZ students (Tanz Akademie Zürich).

Currently, she is linked to the Musikschule Knonauer Amt, as part of the teaching team. She has private lessons to students in the city of Zürich and also occasionally collaborates with Musikschule Zürcher Oberland and Musikschule Staufen.

Piano Classes.

She has an extensive experience as teacher of children and young people who have a special interest in learning technical and interpretative piano skills.

Starting from the philosophy that every person with interest and dedication can acquire and improve their musical skills.

The emphasis of teaching seeks to transmit self confidence in the students, and motivate them to give the best possible of themselves.

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